Library Activity in New Zealand

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There have been about 50 books written by Joel Goldsmith.  His first book was The Infinite Way, followed by Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture.  The titles of the books themselves are very interesting, informative (and helpful!), including titles such as Living The Infinite Way; Practising the Presence;  The Art of Meditation; The Art of Spiritual Healing; The Contemplative Life;  Consciousness Is What I Am;  The Gift of Love;  Realisation of Oneness; A Parenthesis in Eternity; The Thunder of Silence; and Living Between Two Worlds.


Some of the latest books to be published in the last ten years are based on the Monthly Letters that Joel sent to students around the world and which had never appeared before in book form.  Some of these titles are The Only Freedom; The Art of Spiritual Living; God Formed Us for His Glory; and Living by the Word.


Joel recommends that when starting to read his books, the following three are the most suitable to begin with –


Living the Infinite Way; Practising the Presence; The Art of Meditation

 therefore, in this activity we try to make sure that these books are available in as many libraries as possible.

The message contained in every one of Joel Goldsmith books includes practical spiritual principles which, when understood and applied, enrich our everyday living.


In Aotearoa New Zealand the Joel Goldsmith Library Activity was set up many years ago and has been operated by several volunteer students (sometimes in pairs) to place Joel’s books in public libraries around New Zealand. In this way the public are able to ‘discover’ his writings and we all appreciate the benefit of this!   This Library Activity is funded by people who feel drawn to support it by making donations which are used to buy Joel’s books and gift them to public libraries.


The Joel Goldsmith Library Activity can be contacted through the following address:

P.O. Box 32-392
North Shore City 0744

or by emailing  (with subject reference Library’ and they will be forwarded onto Nerida)

In 2017 there was a change of library workers and the system has been re-organised into an easier computer format.  Building upon the outcomes established by Keith and Pam, we now have an extensive computerized database covering the majority of Libraries.


The database shows the name of the main Library (and any district and/or community based libraries attached) contact details (including the Head librarian in charge of ‘Collections’), titles and number of Joel’s books held by each library and notes of response received to our offers of donations.


Currently there are about 150 of Joel’s books available in New Zealand libraries, 40 of these being in the main Auckland library with the rest scattered around the country.  The most distributed books are The Art of Spiritual Healing, The Art of Meditation, The Infinite Way, Practising the Presence and Thunder of Silence. There are also a few areas that either have no books of Joel’s available at all, or who culled Joel’s books due to lack of patronage.


Responses to queries, I regret to say, can often be met with an indication that at present the library is either not interested in extending their collection of Joel’s books, or that they are simply not interested in stocking them at all. Experience has shown, however, that these responses are not set in stone, so a polite follow up inquiry is usually sent out again in another six months and can bring pleasing results.


In addition further placements are being sourced in other areas, e.g. Spiritual Retreat Centres, Religious Libraries, Prisons, etc.


Suggestions from students who may know of other potential outlets for Joel’s books are always most welcome and can be sent to the PO Box address or the email address above.


In Loving Oneness and Gratitude, Nerida.


March 2022 Library Activity Update


A further 16 of Joel’s books have been added to Public library catalogues over the past two years taking the number now available to readers to approximately 166. The uptake in our Council owned Libraries has been slow. Intermittent Library closures due to Covid have not helped but overall interest in Joel’s books is continuing to show a decline. As a result Librarians are understandably reluctant to allocate precious funds and additional shelf space to books that are infrequently issued.


As a result of these challenges the Library Activity has shifted its emphasis for the current year to the following: 

  1. Smaller Community Libraries (who have shown more willingness to consider the placement of one or two copies of Joel’s books) will continue to be contacted and followed up.
  2. Public Libraries that do not list any of Joel’s books in their catalogues will continue to receive an initial offer of books and a 6 monthly follow up.
  3. Public Libraries in general will continue to receive an annual offer to add to their catalogues (unless it has been noted specifically that they have indicated that they are not interested).
  4. We are also enquiring about the possibility of one or two of Joel’s titles currently available at the Auckland Public Library being placed in their EBook catalogue.

Our Library fund is well endowed and we could pay for this service with some of these funds (Library policy permitting of course) It is early days for this endeavour but it is being quietly pursued as the potential for a wider readership would be extensive) 


Additional Activity

The Theosophical Society who currently have 35 of Joel’s books available are being provided with the offer of additional copies to supply their regional libraries.


Religious Retreat Centres who have shown themselves to be keen recipients of Joel’s books will continue to be offered further titles.

Prison Libraries are being offered copies of “Our Spiritual Resources” as an initial book if they do not currently have Joel’s books available in their libraries


As always suggestions from students who may know of other potential outlets for Joel’s books are most welcome and can be sent to the PO Box address or the email address above.


In Loving Oneness and Gratitude