Joel Goldsmith travelled the world many times in response to invitations from those who were eager to hear his message. He first came to New Zealand in 1958 and again in 1960.


Following his transition in 1964, New Zealand students were blessed with many opportunities to attend talks, mainly in Auckland, Christchurch, Palmerston North and Taupo. These were given by Lorraine Sinkler (late of Florida) editor of many of Joel’s books,  Eileen Bowden (late of Canada) and Virginia Stephenson of Hawaii, all of whom had studied closely with Joel and had been encouraged by him to take on a teaching role.  Other teachers have since emerged across the world and from time to time international teachers have been invited to come to New Zealand, the most recent of these being John Stephenson.

Since 1990 two New Zealanders have also been invited to teach. These are Margaret Macfarlane – in Auckland and Queensland Australia, and Margaret Ponga – in Taupo, Auckland, Christchurch and Napier, and who has regularly been asked to speak in other countries.

The gatherings for these talks (usually six sessions from a Friday evening to Sunday midday) have traditionally been called ‘classes’, but Joel emphasised that they are not so much a class teaching as an experience, a spiritual experience.

We commence by meditating together. This is initially an opportunity to release thoughts of our daily activities, our busy lives and to be in the ‘here and now’.  We each individually turn our attention to God, Consciousness, and open our awareness and receptivity to what may come to us during the sessions, through inner peace and inner guidance. The person invited to give the talks is also meditating and has been in quiet preparation listening within for many hours beforehand; and so the combined receptivity brings through the message in a new and fresh way.

There are no written lectures.  The principles of truth which Joel realised are explained with examples of how to practise them in our daily life, but the most important part is the inner experience.  For this reason people are asked not to write notes during the session as this not only may disturb those around them but also tends to reduce their own spiritual experience to just a mental exercise.  The message flows spontaneously through both the words and the silence as the teaching consciousness is receptive to inner questions and contemplation.    

As each person is inwardly contemplating the message in their own individual way, no oral questions are taken during these talks.  Written questions may be put onto the speaker’s table between sessions and will be answered as they fit into the context of the message.

Students with a clear understanding of the principles contribute to the maintenance of the atmosphere through their dedicated practice.  As the weekend progresses, the meditative silences deepen and those attending often feel they are enfolded in the living Presence.

Tape Groups: Regular tape groups are held in various locations for the purpose of listening to a recorded talk.  Again we commence by meditating together to bring our inner receptivity to the fore, listen to the talk, meditate again and then generally leave quietly feeling a greater sense of the Presence within.

Talks in New Zealand:
Rangiora, Christchurch:   4th – 6th November, 2022.
The study book is ‘A Parenthesis In Eternity’, by Joel S. Goldsmith. The recommendation is the whole book, but for the class please read at least one chapter from each of the three Parts.

If you feel drawn to attend this gathering, or to unite with them in your meditation; if you wish to know further dates and details, including those of talks overseas, we would be delighted to receive your enquiries on