Joel S. Goldsmith’s Mystical message

Thank you for visiting our website which is dedicated to the unfoldment of Joel S. Goldsmith’s mystical message, also popularly known as ‘The Infinite Way’ and which is based particularly upon the teachings and spiritual principles as given by Jesus in the book of John. The website’s purpose is to provide some background information and to let people know of the resources and activities based in New Zealand.


The website has been put together by a group of students who wish to make available this information for anyone seeking a spiritual path or trying to contact other students. So whether you are just ‘visiting’, or are a student of Joel’s message – new or long-term –  Welcome !


Brief History:

Joel S. Goldsmith (1892-1964) was one of the foremost mystics of the twentieth century. He was born in New York to parents of Hebrew ancestry, who, while not practising Jews, gave Joel basic instructions in the faith. His mother told him that if he was interested in things religious, he could follow his search unhampered by not being brought up in any one faith. On leaving school, he entered his father’s business of importing laces and similar products and travelled widely buying and selling the merchandise.


In 1915 Joel was introduced to Christian Science and began to seek answers to inner questions. Some years later he experienced a spiritual healing which set him on the path to being a Christian Science Practitioner. He conducted a successful practice for some years and also became a reader in the Church. During study and prayer he discovered the benefits of meditation and began to realise the principles of the healing consciousness and of practising the presence of God. He eventually left the Church as his own message began to unfold, but often spoke of the blessings he had received through the Christian Science movement.


The book The Infinite Way (the name of which was chosen by the publisher) was published in 1952 and other books followed, all of which attracted thousands of followers worldwide. He was one of the first people to introduce meditation to the Western world and constantly received invitations from students eager to hear his message, which resulted in him travelling the globe many times.


All this activity was an expression of Joel’s consciousness and there was no organisation or membership to support him.  This was by choice. He was adamant that the message should remain free of all organisation and rules, and that its development would come through the consciousness of teachers and students alike.


Joel indicated he actually did not wish to give the world yet another ‘teaching’, but to guide us into a God experience.