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Library Activity in New Zealand (and please see the 'Recordings & Books' page for information about books being available online.)

There have been about 50 books written by Joel Goldsmith.  His first book was The Infinite Way, followed by Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture.  The titles of the books themselves are very interesting, informative (and helpful!), including titles such as Living The Infinite Way;  Practising the Presence;  The Art of Meditation; The Art of Spiritual Healing; The Contemplative Life;  Consciousness Is What I Am;  The Gift of Love;  Realisation of Oneness; A Parenthesis in Eternity; The Thunder of Silence; and Living Between Two Worlds.

Some of the latest books to be published in the last ten years are based on the Monthly Letters that Joel sent to students around the world and which had never appeared before in book form.  Some of these titles are The Only Freedom;  The Art of Spiritual Living;  God Formed Us for His Glory;  and  Living by the Word.

Joel recommends that when starting to read his books, the following three are the most suitable to begin with -
                  Living the Infinite Way;    Practising the Presence;    The Art of Meditation
-  therefore, in this activity we try to make sure that these books are available in as many libraries as possible.

In New Zealand the Joel Goldsmith Library Activity was set up many years ago and is operated by volunteer students to place Joel's books in public libraries around New Zealand. In this way the public are able to 'discover' his writings and we all appreciate the benefit of this!   This Library Activity is funded by people who feel drawn to support it by making donations which are used to buy Joel's books and gift them to public libraries.

The Joel Goldsmith Library Activity can be contacted through the following address:

P.O. Box 32-392
North Shore City  0744.               or by emailing - 
jsgnz@kinect.co.nz  (Please type in the subject reference 'Library')

The public libraries in the main centres of New Zealand now have an excellent selection of Joel's books.  136 libraries have been contacted and most of these will have 3 or more of Joel's books, depending on the shelf space.  In 2009 we focused upon contacting the prisons in New Zealand and found the response overwhelmingly receptive, and consequently placed 130 of Joel's books into their libraries. Since then we have received correspondence from prisoners who have found these books and have been inspired.  In the two years from 2010 to 2012 alone, another 176 Joel Goldsmith titles were gifted to libraries around New Zealand and included the Rarotonga Public Library.  This work continues.

The message contained in every one of these Joel Goldsmith books includes practical spiritual principles which, when understood and applied, enrich our everyday living.

In 2017 there was a change of library workers (all dedicated volunteers) and the system has been re-organised into an easier computer format.
If books written by Joel are not available in your library,  you could ask your librarian to contact us at the above address with the prospect of us gifting his books to your library.  You can request a particular title and if it is in stock, we would forward it to your library.       



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