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Early New Zealand students who discovered Joel's books and attended his classes, helped to lay the foundation for a dedicated student body. Some of those students are still active in the work today.

Informal groups meet around New Zealand to listen to tapes, study and meditate together. The form this takes may vary from group to group. Students are simply a free association of people drawn together by our interest in studying the teachings of Joel Goldsmith. Many of us keep in touch privately, but the only central reference is a mailing list held by class hosts for those who wish to receive notices.

There are also a number of New Zealanders who keep in touch with students from other countries and travel abroad to classes. If you would like further information about activities and contacts, send an e-mail to us at jsgnz@kinect.co.nz

Links to Other Resources:

Acropolis Books, for a comprehensive listing of the available writings of Joel S. Goldsmith.

Website for Virginia Stephenson and John Stephenson - teachers of Joel S. Goldsmith's message.

The Infinite Way office, for information on Joel S. Goldsmith and all his recordings.

The Infinite Way office, for information on the new ( September 2020) service for streaming all Joel's recordings and the ordering service of his recordings, books and transcripts.

Mystics of the World supplies books by authors of mystical writing, many of which are out of print.

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