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Recordings & Books


Joel's classes were originally recorded onto reel tapes then converted to audio cassettes, with the more modern options now also available.  These can be bought through The Infinite Way Office in the USA - visit the website www.joelgoldsmith.com   However, as of 11th September 2020 the following new website was also launched :-

" The Infinite Way Office Has Announced a New Service:  Joel S. Goldsmith Streaming

Joel S. Goldsmith Streaming is a subscription streaming service that gives subscribers access to the entire library of Joel Goldsmith's authentic recorded classes. 

It is much like a music subscription service such as Apple Music or Spotify, but instead of music selections, subscribers can access all of Joel's recorded classes. 

Joel S. Goldsmith Streaming has its own website at: www.joelgoldsmithstreaming.com

Subscribers use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to access the service, which is unmatched in its completeness and flexibility. 

Subscribers pay just $9.99 per month for this richly featured service, and can: 

Hear authentic recordings, produced from the original tapes.

Enjoy ad-free streaming in a serene study venue, free of distractions. 

Search the entire library of titles by number or key word. 

View and select recordings in four ways: 

-   by number or title;  by class;  by book;  by topic. 

Use the notepad feature to take notes while listening, save them to their private, secure account, and print or download them.

See related classes and books for each recording.

Use convenient links to purchase associated transcripts, books, CDs, or MP3s. 

Enjoy the best quality audio presently available for the authentic recordings.

Subscription fees directly support The Infinite Way Office in maintaining the Streaming Service, preserving and maintaining Joel's original work, and serving Infinite Way students. This new service will transform how students can study The Infinite Way message.  Take a look at www.joelgoldsmithstreaming.com  " 


There have been a number of tape groups held in various towns around New Zealand.  As with other gatherings for this work, they commence with a meditation together, then the recording is listened to, following by a closing meditation and generally everyone then leaves quietly, in the atmosphere of feeling the Presence.

In New Zealand we were fortunate to have Ron and Margaret Macfarlane record the classes given in New Zealand and Australia by Virginia Stephenson, who allowed them to sell her tapes within Australasia at the local price of $20.00 plus p&p.  In October 2009 this service was discontinued but Virginia's recordings may be ordered direct through the website www.alohamystics.com   

The talks of Margaret Ponga are also produced by Maggie T. on CDs or MP3.   To make enquiries about the catalogue, or to request recordings, email Maggie at  jsgnz@kinect.co.nz   (subject reference tape order).

BOOKS IN NEW ZEALAND: (& see our 'Library' page for further information about Joel's books)And as of 2013 Joel Goldsmith's books are also available as e-books.  Visit www.acropolisbooks.com

Maggie is the NZ agent for Joel's books published by Acropolis Books and holds for sale a number of the titles. Maggie also stocks the book, Living Spiritual Principles by Margaret Ponga. 

To request the catalogue, or order books (Maggie may be able to bring in books not currently in stock, so do ask), email her on jsgnz@kinect.co.nz   (subject reference book order).

Books by Joel, and some other teachers of this message, are also available on the book table at classes.




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